Virtual support to help you design and deliver effective meetings and events

 If you need support to make meetings more effective, run an event for your organisation, and/or develop your skills as a facilitator, then this service will meet your needs. It is designed to offer a cost-effective way of having consultancy support.


The way it works depends on what you need. It may be as simple as a phone call to talk through and clarify the objectives and outcomes for what you want to do. It can include: suggestions about methods and tools; coaching in the use of these; detailed design and plans for an event. 


If this might be useful for you, please contact Elaine to arrange an initial conversation using the form on the Home page. 


A Client's Experience

 My client, Vice-President of a Fortune 500 company in the USA said: 

Several months ago I was faced with the prospect of launching a new vision to a global meeting of business leaders from the same multinational corporation. While I had clarity on my objective, I was also wanting to set a new tone culturally, one which very much focused on building upon ‘what we are good at’.

 This basic premise for the tone of the meeting provided sufficient alignment with the principles of Appreciative Inquiry, so much so that I called Elaine in the UK from Houston Texas.

I really needed a coach with whom I could brainstorm, receive a sanity check for my own thoughts, talk through the structure of the three days, & receive ideas (and encouragement). I wasn’t ready to launch a full AI program, and that was totally OK because Elaine recognized my objectives, understood our alignment of style and reaffirmed my vision for the meeting.

 She equipped me with both ideas of possible ‘conversation types’ I could facilitate and supported these with example presentations demonstrating how similar techniques had been effective in other organizations.

 Radical change of global organizations takes multiple points of influence, however, there is often a defining moment in time which is recognized as the tipping point of change. I crafted this meeting with Elaine’s help to create this ‘tipping point’ moment.

The meetings went very well, with all participants sharing a success story and articulating what they thought our strengths were and developing a vision for our work together.

I got some direct feedback from one of my guys ‘what a difference some leadership makes’ …. It was good to hear!