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This space is an online creative notebook and design studio for Elaine Appelbee.  I am a freelance consultant, former CEO. I use Appreciative Inquiry and Design Thinking to deliver creative change that has positive impact on organisations, services, communities. Stimulating and supporting people's thinking and action is an important part of what I offer. The site also provides information about the types of work I undertake and my curriculum vitae.



All good artists and designers travel with a notebook or camera to hand. They use these to capture images, shapes and patterns. These fragments of what they have noticed in the world, stimulate their thinking, feed their imaginations and provide inspiration when they return to the studio. 


In The Notebook you will find examples of fragments that have caught my eye and posted as blogs at www.appelbee.blogspot.co.uk.


The Studio features recent work or work in progress in a little more detail. Of interest to those who might like to read in a little more detail about the way I work. Currently I am working on a project to prevent blindness in people with diabetes. I am using Design Thinking and Appreciative Inquiry with local healthcare professionals and people with diabetes to create interventions. In The Studio you can read some of the blogs that I have produced for this work or go to:

www.diabeteseyecarekeighley.blogspot.com to see all these blogs.


The Work is intended also to provide current or prospective clients and partners with examples of my work as well as comments from clients.


So this space is the place where I collect images, shapes and patterns to do with creating positive organisations, institutions and communities in order to stimulate thinking and action.  


 You are welcome





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“We have worked with Elaine on an important piece of work we were involved in with one of our more rural and sparsely populated communities in West Norfolk. It was important to unpick the issues surrounding local quality of life and what it felt like to live in that area. Elaine approached the task with both her natural good humour and an in depth understanding of people's issues and concerns, developed over years of working with communities. Elaine not only facilitated the process by engaging everyone that was involved, ensuring that all voices were heard, but also managed the process to a successful conclusion - many of the ideas raised through the process are now being implemented. Elaine's positivity, challenge and clear desire to see everyone she works with continuously learn and develop is both infectious and stimulating."”October 1, 2012


Ian Burbidge, Policy and Partnerships Manager, Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative


“We wanted to re-visit our vision for the Bradford Chamber and Elaine introduced us to the Appreciative Inquiry approach. With Elaine's help we involved staff, the Board and customers in reviewing our achievements, stengths and the direction we wanted to go in. It was an interesting, inspiring and at times surprising experience. Elaine's knowledge, expertise and focus in working with organisations was invaluable.” August 30, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Sandy Needham, Chief Executive, Bradford Chamber of Commerce


“Elaine is a dynamic and highly skilled facilitator and strategic planner. I worked with her in London and Bradford as part of the international Champions of Participation workshop, and also in a community organizing workshop in Wisconsin. She is an inspirational leader and speaker, and insightful, gifted problem-solver.” June 28, 2011

Mike Huggins, City Manager, City of Eau Claire

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

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